Samstag, 24. Januar 2015

Exsanguinate- "How are you going to wear this?"

Hi guys,
"How are you going to wear this?" is actually the sentence my Mom dropped when the parcel with the MPZ pigments arrived!
She thought most of the colors would be additions to my FX kit, because: "You can't wear that as a makeup thing!"
Well, obviously this wasn't what these are supposed to be, so pretty and sparkly!

And of course we can wear red eyeshadow, I mean hello?! Here or here... It's possible LOL

Of course this is the first look I want to show you, that I created with the My pretty Zombie cosmetics pigments from my recent post here.

I didn't really thought about using "Exsanguinate" first, but I actually did. It looks like a sparkly red in the pot.
But the difference to other reds is that it doesn't fade to pink, but it has a warm, almost orangy undertone, which shows up very clearly.

Surely, there are some rules I like to observe, for example to create strong contrasts with black, a black waterline and a black eyeliner, because like this it doesn't look sickly, but well, sometimes this look is wanted actually :D

Right now I'm really all about the warm, blown out browns.
I don't know what this is about, but that's just the way it is!
Maybe I'm going to grow up and use more settle colors.
I think the browns go well with the "Exsanguinate" color by MPZ, because it seems to have some gold flecks or anyway it has a very warm undertone!
I haven't shown you the "Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar" Palette yet, but it is one of my favorites right now!
For smoking the red out I used "Truffled", "Mousse" and "Caramel" to deepen the crease.
To apply the pigment itself I used the Too Faced Shadow Insurance, it was that easy, no glitter glue, no sticky base...

Used Products

"The Porefessionell" By Benefit
MakeUp For Ever HD Foundation "117"
Erase Paste "Fair" Benefit
Maybelline Der Löscher "Light"
Manhattan Soft Compact Powder 

NYX "Taupe" Blush
"Incandescent Electra" Blush Hourglass
"Nude Radience No.1" Burberry

Too Faced Shadow Insurance

My pretty Zombie Cosmetics

Too Faced

Essence Gel Pencil "Black"
Max Factor 2000 Calories Mascara Waterproof

Backstage Brush on Brow "Charcoal"
Kryolan Eyebrow Forming Gel

"Dervish" Lip Pencil Mac
"Tiramisu" NYX Buttergloss

Love, Josi

Donnerstag, 22. Januar 2015

[Shopping]- MPZ (My Pretty Zombie Cosmetics) Shopping, Swatches and Impressions

Well, that's the way I'm going to start our in 2015!
I'm going to switch to english on my blog, because... I can!
It's my blog, I´m annoyed with translating every bit I'm writing, so here it goes!
Please feel free to still comment in german, it's just that I want to post more regularly and I think the whole translating thing is holding me back...

In Germany the whole Black Friday thing is not really a huge deal (yet), but it's coming up and more shops in Europe start having Black Friday sales even without celebrating Thanksgiving :D

But, there is still the opportunity to order in the US to take advantage of the great deals.

For example MPZ known as My Pretty Zombie Cosmetics had an incredible sale with 33% off for Black Friday (and a couple of days after)!

Because of the whole fuzz with my Makeup declutter and not spending that much money on makeup (haha!), I really, really thought about ordering at MPZ for about... 6 months now, maybe longer!
I even had a list of colors I needed, a real explicit list :D

I saw Black Friday coming and there goes my mind...
Had to order!

MPZ was founded by Andrea in May 2010 in an Etsy store.
She has a lot of colors that you can create a zombie bite, wound or just simply a zombie makeup with.
But well, let´s not forget the shimmers, so unique!
I really, really love to explore new brands and as Andrea says, she is not a big fan of big glossy advertisement, I love this!
It´s kind of show and tell, then you get someone hooked on this beautiful colors and they get the next ones...

Love the jars!

The jars contain 3 g, the sample bags have no statement how much they contain, but it's a lot!
If you use it as a lid color, it's gonna last you a long time!

A lot of the products on the MPZ website are vegan, but not all of them!
It´s stated on the website though, with each color, if they are vegan, lip safe etc!

A lot of the colors I ordered contain Carmine, so they are not vegan.
Ordered a "couple" of samples... They really hold a lot of product!
But surely I made the decision to order some of them in a fullsize... Some...

Maybe THE color from MPZ.
Described as "Purple to Green with a gold to red shift" by Andrea, I´d really don't see the red, but everything else is so true.
Really have to use a sticky base to make it pop and show up truly, but we can do that, right?!
It's so pretty and unique, but not a color you can't wear, if you´re used to wear only neutrals... 
It´s that pop of unique color!

Black Eye
Described as a "Dark red with a slight purple tinge that looks like you took a punch" by MPZ, I was actually surprised that the purple, even more bluish shift is so recognizable.
Gorgeous piece here.

Oh, how exited I've been for this one...
Part of the "Butcher Shop" Collection this one is described as "copper with a red to gold shift", which hits the point!
It is stunning, in different light the red is very strong, in others the gold and orange!
Have a couple of looks coming up with this, because I really had to play around to make it work the way I wanted it!

A "matte fresh nosebleed red". 
Andrea has the best descriptions and it is right!
Looks darker on the website, but well, who cares!
This is a matte red that doesn´t blend out to be pink, which I was really looking for.

"Super Red with a hint of shimmer", this is what it is!
A little cooler then Epistaxis, but as gorgeous as this one.

"Dark orange red with a slight sparkle"
It's exactly that, pretty neutral I must say, the sparkle looks almost blue.

New Age Dolls
In the pot you can see the copper sparkle really good, it's a blackened green/teal with sparkle. 
The sparkles didn´t really show up on my lid though, maybe a stickier base will do the job.

You can see the red glitter here in the jar, but not in the swatch?! 
Doesn't matter because with some Glitter Glue it goes on your eye and it's perfect.
Described as "midnight blue with red Glitter", this one is so pretty!

This purple has a gorgeous blue sheen and a slightly red base, which makes it the "Red Plum with blue shimmer" as in the description stated.

Let's get to the sample bags!
Believe me, if I say they hold a lot of product.
Of course not as much as a jar, but enough to try the color often and then order a whole jar :)

Fresh Scab- "Color of a freshly picked wound"- Dark matte red, almost burgundy colors, so gorgeous and easy to work with for a matte.
13 Gypsies- A very beautiful copper, which seems so be much more copper in the pot then actually applied. It's more of a very warm gold with copper sparkle!
Dirty- Perfect matte dirt color. Can be used as a daily neutral eye or for some zombie looks.

New Bruise- Originally created for her Zombie Makeup, this is a bluish eggplant purple.
Really blue with a hint of purple I'd say.
Gangrenous- This swatch does not do it justice... It´s so versatile, bluish lavender that tends to look green in some light.
Hoof and Mouth- "Blue to Purple with a pink and silver shift". Very accurate, leave it with the description from the website.
mNg no. 2- I really love this pink with greenish shift. It's very obviously pink, but not "Baaam" in your face pink, it's so pretty.
EJP Creations- Red with red Glitter and some shimmers too.
mNg no.1- Very deep pink with a blue shift, much more "Bam" than no.2, so it's right that it's the no.1!

That's what I bought! a whole lot of pretty, right?!
Have you ordered at MPZ yet?
What did you got?

Love, Josi

Mittwoch, 3. Dezember 2014


Schon lange ist dieses Makeup her, aber dieses Pigment... Damn!
Das Zeug ist Magie in einem Töpfchen, dieses changierende, grobe Pink-Gold- schon fast Kupfer, je nach Lichteinfall immer anders...
Ach, ja, es ist Liebe und trotzdem viel zu selten benutzt, ihr kennt dieses Phänomen richtig?!

This one I've done so long ago, but this pigment... Damn!
This stuff is magic in a pot, color changing gorgeousness, pink-gold-copper, changing color via angle...
Well, it's love, but I use it way less then I should, you know this phenomenon!?

Used Products

"The Porefessionell" By Benefit
MakeUp For Ever HD Foundation "117"
Erase Paste "Fair" Benefit
Maybelline Der Löscher "Light"
Manhattan Soft Compact Powder 

"Strada" Blush Mac (d/s)
"Bellissima" Kat von D Everlasting Blush
"Lightscapade" Mac Mineralize Skinfinish

Urban Decay Primer Potion Original

Makeup Geek
"Creme Brule"
"Bada Bing"

AMC Pure Pigment Eyeshadow 86

Essence Gel Pencil "Black"
Max Factor 2000 Calories Mascara Waterproof

Backstage Brush on Brow "Charcoal"
Kryolan Eyebrow Forming Gel

"Dervish" Lip Pencil Mac
"Tiramisu" NYX Buttergloss

Ziemlich grob das Ganze, es wird aber sehr zart auf dem Lid, ich habe es allerdings auch mit einem feuchten Pinsel aufgetragen und mit etwas Too Faced Glitter Glue darunter gesichert!
Der Glitter Glue ist jeden Preise wert. Ich bin kein Fan von der bekannten Pixie Epoxy von Fyrinnae, die klebt mir einfach zu sehr, der Glitter Glue hält alles da, wo es sein soll, ohne die Lider aneinander zu kleben...

It's pretty rough in structure, but it gets really nice and smooth on the lid, but I applied it with a wet brush  and secured it with Too Faced glitter glue underneath!
The glitter glue is worth every penny. I'm not a fan of the famous Pixie Epoxy by Fyrinnae, Ithink it's way to sticky, the Glitter Glue keeps everything in place and it doesn´t glue my lid together...

Love, Josi

Montag, 24. November 2014


Mal wieder etwas Buntes... Ich komme momentan selten dazu so etwas "Ausgefallenes" zu mache.
Eigentlich aber nur, weil ich mich einfach nicht aufraffen kann.
Ich habe ernsthafte Probleme damit "nur" einen oder zwei Lidschatten zu verwenden und nicht genug Zeit zu haben es so zu machen, zu blenden bis ich umfalle, wie ich es will... Dann lasse ich es einfach ganz, ist ja sonst auch albern!
(In meinem Kopf ist das albern, nehmt mich nicht ernst...)
Ich habe übrigens AMus gefunden, die ich mit wenigen Lidschatten toll finde und die schnell funktionieren... Aber... ich habe keine Zeit Fotos zu machen :D

Something colorful... Right now it's pretty hard to make time for something so colorful.
I usually can't really get myself to spend so much time with my makeup.
I can't really use only one or two eyeshadows and don't have the time to blend as long as I desire, so... I don't do it at all!
I found combos I really like with just a couple of shadows and that are coming together pretty fast. But I don´t have time do take pictures :D
Ich komme momentan auch einfach nicht um das "warme" Ausblenden drumherum, heißt, ich verwende immer einen warmen Braunton um Auszublenden, Transition Shade und so.
Das wird zu einer richtigen Obsession!

Und dieses Grün... Mein größter Wunsch, (ja, es soll kosmetische Wünsche geben) wäre eine Farbe wie "Sassy Grass" von Mac, der leider limitiert war, in einer Qualität von Sugarpill!
Das wäre wundervoll!
"Sassy Grass" ist das perfekte Garßgrün, aber so fest gepresst, dass man ihn wirklich misshandeln muss, um an ordentliche Farbe zu kommen, da wäre die Pigmentierung und Zartheit von Sugarpill schon wirklich das Ultimum, aber darauf kann ich wohl lange warten...

I can´t really stop using warm shades for blending... Transition shade and such!
I use it every time, I´m kind of obsessed.

And this green shade... My biggest wish (yes, there are beauty wishes) would be a color like "sassy Grass" with the quality like Sugarpill!
"Sassy Grass" is the perfect shade of grass green, but pressed so bad in this pan, I really have to dig in it to get the pay off I want, so the pigment of Sugarpill and this smoothness would be awesome, but it´s going to stay a dream right?!

Used Products

"The Porefessionell" By Benefit
MakeUp For Ever HD Foundation "117"
Erase Paste "Fair" Benefit
Maybelline Der Löscher "Light"
Pure Powder von Maybelline in Translucent

"Strada" Blush Mac (d/s)
"Bellissima" Kat von D Everlasting Blush
"Lightscapade" Mac Mineralize Skinfinish

Urban Decay Primer Potion Original

"Sassy Grass"


"Trooper" Tattoo Liner Kat von D
24/7 Liner Urban Decay Perversion
Max Factor 2000 Calories Mascara Waterproof

Backstage Brush on Brow "Charcoal"
Kryolan Eyebrow Forming Gel

"Tiramisu" NYX Buttergloss

Love, Josi