Dienstag, 10. Februar 2015

[Shopping+ Swatches] Melt Cosmetics- Lovesick Stack

Oh, what a hype, made by Instagram, right?!
I actually think Melt is one of those very Instagram phenomenon indie brands, getting big on Insta and then getting the whole world :)
I really don't own any lipsticks by Melt, like Miss Goldiegrace does. Actually she ordered the stack for me, when she placed the order and really got me into the lipsticks too, but no, not yet... 
Even if I have a very long list of colors I want, but lipcolors are not my main thing, not my favorite thing to buy.
I really want "DGAF" and "By Starlight", but like I said, not my main interest...
It's eyeshadow and this is probably not going to change!
So when I heard that they are going to release two different stacks of eyeshadows, I was all about it!
But man, the price... 48$?! No Pr-Samples here, bought with my money, but the price is actually the reason that I bought only one stack!
The whole Euro thing is not really stable right now, so I had to decide...
Even if I love warm smokey eyes right now, the neutral stack seemed pretty dupeable for me, so I went with Lovesick!
Oh, Lovesick...
What a beauty!
The whole compilation of colors is so funny and different, I think.
And the swatches from Lora and Dana got me, as well as the eye looks they created with it!

The head of the stack first...
A very matte burgundy red, seems like the perfect Oxblood color to me, in the pan mainly. 
It blends out perfectly, without getting blotchy anyhow, but it tends to become very brown on the lid and much more when blended.
This one is inspired by the popular 6six6 lipstick by Melt!

A golden peach shimmer shadow with a strong gold reflect.
Very smooth and pigmented, perfect!
Seems like a great shadow and blush, too.

A matte grey with very strong blue undertones.
Inspired by "Spacecake" lipstick (on my list so bad)
Very smooth for a matte shadow, applies without any problems.

Color changing purple blue.
Needs a little bit of building up on it's own, but on a black base it's a stunning shimmery grape shade.
It blends out pretty reddish, which makes it really versatile and one of those "one shadow look" shades.

Let's get back to money for just a second...
My biggest love if it comes to eyeshadows are Sugarpill and Makeup Geek, which are 34$ per Quad or 5,99$ per shadow... 
48$ for a quad from an indie brand, seems quite a lot to me.
 (BTW Even if the eyeshadows are big 0.125oz , Sugarpill is as much as these 0.12 oz. per shadow)

I don't really see a reason for that besides the really good quality of the shadows, because, I may be one of a few, I don't like the packaging much and don't see a reason this should have increase the price that much!
Yes, it's something different, I love the idea of stacking all the eyeshadows, even in different ways and as well I really love supporting an indie brand, but for the price, I think it should be essential that it's sturdy.
Like the way you see them stacked in a square shape, well you can't lift it up without falling apart...
The magnets seems a little flimsy and not super heavy, I like the top with the mirror inside and the idea in general.
Maybe you recognized above the way my dear "Amelie" looks?!
Yep... Packaging!
I just tried to stack them back together,  really carefully.
The magnets are not all the way around the edges of the pan, but only on some points, so it flipped itself and popped into "Amelie" with an edge. Twice... Had to press it in it's shape again.
Not nice... Not a happy Josi here.

I really see the need and intention for something innovative and new, like I said, I really like the idea, but maybe I'm too stupid to use it or still mad that I shattered one of the shadows right away with it, but it doesn't really seem sturdy to me.

However, this doesn't change my mind about the whole thing!
I LOVE the eyeshadows, I think the quality is extraordinary, love the colors and the variety of looks you can create with it!
I'm really into the Darkmatter Stack as well, the colors seem so beautiful, but yet, I really haven't given in ordering it...
Yet lol

Two looks with the Lovesick stack that I posted on Instagram and I hope in the next couple of days I can take some proper pictures.

Love, Josi

Montag, 2. Februar 2015

Whole lot of Sugarpill

Yep, I really neglected my Sugarpill Babies... 
I don't know why, but I did, there were so much new shadows, which fogged my mind, can't really help it...
But here they are, full throttle, because I needed to show my love again, please forgive me!

Ok, maybe I used "Sassy Grass" as well, but, well, it missed me too :)

I'm usually not the biggest fan of another color on the lower lash line. I don't know why, but I think it's just not that flattering on me!
But for colors sake I did it anyway.
I should really play around with this technique, but I have so much stuff on my mind right now and such little time... Negative space, all the new stuff I got in the last couple of months...
I really lost the love to play with colors and techniques, but I guess now it's back, I have to go back into it!

Used Products

"The Porefessionell" By Benefit
MakeUp For Ever HD Foundation "117"
Erase Paste "Fair" Benefit
Maybelline Der Löscher "Light"
Pure Powder von Maybelline in Translucent

"Strada" Blush Mac (d/s)
"Bellissima" Kat von D Everlasting Blush
"Lightscapade" Mac Mineralize Skinfinish

Urban Decay Primer Potion Original
"Milk" Nyx Jumbo Pencil

"Sassy Grass"

"Poison Plum"

"Trooper" Tattoo Liner Kat von D
"Black" Essence gel Eyeliner Pencil
Max Factor 2000 Calories Mascara Waterproof

Backstage Brush on Brow "Charcoal"
Kryolan Eyebrow Forming Gel

"Tiramisu" NYX Buttergloss

What do you think of trying new techniques, do you dare?
Wie geht es euch? Versucht ihre euch häufig an neuen Techniken und ungewöhnlichen Farben?

Love, Josi

Sonntag, 1. Februar 2015

[Shopping+ Swatches] Makeup Geek- Foiled Eyeshadows and Staples

So, I gave in and ordered on the Makeup Geeks site, because there were some wanted eyeshadows, let's not start talking about the blushes I want :)
This is just a small haul, I try to not buy too much stuff, just things I really wanted for quite a while and I guess it works pretty well!
But let's start without rambling too much, pictures say so much more!

Samstag, 31. Januar 2015

Vice 3 Palette- Urban Decay Palette and Look

One of those holiday palettes...
I guess I got it in November, maybe even in October, but time flies right now, so I want to show you this thingy anyway!
Maybe I'm late again on this bandwagon, but I want to show you the looks with this palette, because, honestly, I own every Vice palette now (except the weird LTD palette...) and this one is my favorite, if it comes to the colors. The packaging is another story...

I got the palette from the german Douglas site, because, yes, we can order Urban Decay now in Germany, score!